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If you’re looking for a drone services company, or even just considering using drones, call us today. We can discuss what’s involved, review costs, schedule a demo, and answer any questions you may have.

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3413 King William, Dr.

Olney, MD 20832

Remote Pilot: Tim Pruss
Visual Observer or On-Site Communicator: Yvette Pruss

Phone: 301-338-6141


Tim Pruss, Remote Pilot

Tim (Pilot) & Yvette (Visual Observer or On-Site Communicator (OSC))

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Service Areas

We currently provide service in the following areas:


Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Montgomery County, and Prince George's County


Arlington County, City of Fairfax, and Fairfax County

My Drone.Pro Service Area

Washington DC (Flight-Restricted Zone (FRZ) requires waiver)

The Flight-Restricted Zone (FRZ) extends approximately 15 nautical miles (about 17 statute miles) around Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Since 9/11, the FAA has restricted the airspace around the Washington DC area known as the FRZ. We work closely with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and TSA (Transportation Security Administration) to fly into the FRZ for aerial flights and video assignments.

For those of you in the FRZ, we will prepare all the paperwork including the Scope of Work for filing and managing the waiver request with the FAA/TSA. Once all the required paperwork has been filed, it can take up to 90 days for the FAA/TSA to issue a waiver for a UAS Drone. Once the waiver has been approved, we will plan details for a successful flight.

DC Flight-Restricted Zone (FRZ) (in RED)

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"It was a pleasure working with Tim."

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